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  • noun [ neuter ]
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BED, bedd, es ; n.
a BED, couch, pallet; stratum, lectus
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  • Hí ðá inasendon ðæt bed, ðe se lama on læg,

    • Mk. Bos. 2, 4
    • ;

    thei senten doun the bedd, in whiche the sike man lay,

    • Wyc.
  • To ðínum bedde

    to thy bed,

    • Gen. 16, 2
    • .
a bed in a garden; pulvillus vel areola in hortis : used in compounds, as Wyrt-bedd a wort bed, Herb, 7, 1; Lchdm. i. 96, 22 : Hreód-bedd a reed bed, 8, 1; Lchdm. i. 98, 13.
Plat. O. Sax. Dut. bed, n
Ger. bett, bette, n
M. H. Ger. bette, n
O. H. Ger. petti, n
Goth. badi, n
Dan. bed
Swed. bädd, n
O. Nrs. beðr, m.
According to Grm. Wrtbch. i. 1722 connected with
A. Sax. biddan
Goth. bidjan ? for which he suggests the original meaning to lie on the ground; humi jacere
Derived forms
bed, bedd, -bolster, -clýfa, -cófa, -felt, -ian, -ing, -ling, -reáf, -reda, -rest, -stede, -þéen, -tíd, gebed, -clýfá, -scipe
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v.  bædd bedd beád.
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  • BED, n.