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  • verb [ strong ]
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be-leósan, bi-leósan; p. -leás, pl. -luron; pp. -loren [be, leósan to loose]
To let go, to deprive of, to be deprived of, lose; privare, orbare, privari, amittere
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  • Leóhte belorene

    deprived of light,

      Cd. 5; Th. 6, 9; Gen. 86 : Beo. Th. 2150; B. 1073 : Andr. Kmbl. 2159; An. 1081.
  • Ðǽr is swíðe beleás hérum, ðám ðe ic hæfde

    there I was much deprived of the hairs, which I had,

      Exon. 107 a; Th. 407, 35; Rä. 27, 4.
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  • be-leósan, v.