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  • verb [ weak ]
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be-slépan, p. -slépte; subj. pl. -slépen; pp. -sléped, -slépt
To slip, lay, place, put, and with the preposition on on, upon, - to slip, put or lay on, to impose, clothe; ponere, imponere, induere
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  • Hú hefig geoc he beslépte on ealle

    how heavy a yoke he laid on all!

      Bt. 16, 4; Fox 58, 16.
  • Beslépen hí on hý bysmor

    induantur confusione!

      Ps. Th. 34, 24.
  • Beslépte mid gyldnum fnasum

    in fimbriis aureis circumamicta,

      44, 15.
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  • be-slépan, v.