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  • verb [ strong ]
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be-yrnan, -irnan; he -yrnþ; p. -arn, pl. -urnon; pp. -urnen [be by, yrnan to run]
To run by, to come in, occur, incur; percurrere
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  • Be-arn me on móde

    it occurred to my mind,

      Homl. Th. i. 2, 6.
  • Án wundor me nú on mód be-arn

    one wonder now [runs by me into the mind] occurs to me,

      Dial. 1, 20.
  • He ne be-arn on leásunga synne

    he incurred not the sin of [leasing] lying,

      Dial. 1, 2 : Bd. de nat. rerum; Wrt. popl. science 7, 1; Lchdm. iii. 244, 20.
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v.  be-arn be-irnan.
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  • be-yrnan, v.