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ge-boned, part.
Polished, burnished; pŏlītus
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  • He hæfþ ðiderynn gedón ii mycele gebonede róda, and ii mycele Cristes béc gebonede, and iii gebonede scrín, and i geboned altare

    he has placed therein two large burnished crosses, and two large Christ's books [= Gospels] polished, and three burnished shrines, and one burnished altar,

    • Th. Diplm. A. D. 1050-1073; 429, 11-18
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  • Ic gean Sc̃e Eádmunde twegea gebonedra horna

    I give to St. Edmund two polished horns,

    • Th. Diplm. A. D. 1046; 564, 12
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Swed. bona to polish with wax, to rub
Dan. bone to cleanse, make clean, to burnish, polish
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  • ge-boned, v.