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  • noun [ masculine ]
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hyld, held, es; m.
Favour, protection, grace [of a superior to an inferior], loyalty, allegiance [of the inferior to the superior]
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  • Ic hálsige eów for ðæs cáseres helda ðæt gé mé secgon

    I adjure you by your allegiance to the emperor that you tell me,

      Nicod. 8; Thw. 4, 7.
  • Gecýþe ðæt on Godes helde and on hláfordes

    let him declare that on his faith towards God and the lord,

      L. C. S. 23; Th. i. 388, 23.
  • On gesyhþe ðara háligra ðe ðínne held curan

    in the sight of the saints that chose thine allegiance [chose thee as their lord ]

    ; ante conspectum sanctorum tuorum,
      Ps. Th. 51, 8.
  • Ðe his hyld curon,

      Cd. 198; Th. 246, 19; Dan. 481.
  • Gé ðe úres ðaes hálgan Godes held begangeþ

    ye who practise loyally towards our holy God,

      Ps. Th. 133, 2.
  • Ðeáh ðe ic on mínes húses hyld gegange

    si introiero in tabernaculum domus meæ,

      131, 3.
  • Hyld hæfde his ferlorene

    he had lost the favour of his chief,

      Cd. 16; Th. 20, 1; Gen. 301.
  • Hæfde wuldres beám werud gelǽded on hild godes

    the pillar of glory had conducted the host into the favour of God,

      170; Th. 214, 13; Exod. 568.
  • On gástes hyld,

      195; Th. 243, 23; Dan. 440.
  • Hylda leáse

    without favours,

      Exon. 53 a; Th. 186, 20; Az. 21.
  • Ðé ǽfre on fullum hyldum hold and on fulre lufe

    faithful to thee with full faith and with full love,

      Chart. Th. 598, 31.
  • For eówrum hyldum ðe gé mé symble cýddon

    for your fidelity that yon have ever shewn me,

      L. Edg. 5, 12; Th. i. 276, 19.
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  • hyld, n.