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inwidda, inwit; adj.
Guileful, deceitful, evil, wicked, malicious
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  • Gelpan ne þorfte eald inwidda [inwitta, MSS. B. C. inwuda MS. D.],

    no cause to boast had he, old and crafty,

      Chr. 937; Erl. 114, 12 ; Æðelst. 46.
  • Swá se inwidda ofer ealne dæg dryhtguman síne drencte mid wíne

    so the evil one [Holofernes] all through the day his men drenched with wine,

      Judth. 10; Thw. 21, 20; Jud. 28.
  • Ealle weleras inwiddæn

    universa labia dolosa,

      Ps. Spl. T. 11, 3.
  • Wordum inwitum

    with guileful words,

      Cd. 229; Th. 310, 22; Sat. 731.
[Cf. Goth. inwinds unjust, perverse.]
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  • inwidda, adj.