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un-witende, adj.
Unwitting, not knowing, not aware of what is done, unconscious
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  • Hé monig tácen self gedyde, þéh hé hié unwitende dyde,

      Ors. 5, 14; Swt. 248, 14.
  • He oft unwitende slóg mid his heáfde on ðone wág,

      5, 15; Swt. 250, 12.
  • Gelícost ðæm ðe hé hiene selfne unwitende (witende?

    the Latin is:

    Ut voluntariam sibi conscivisse mortem putaretur) hæfde áwierged, 6
      36; Swt. 294, 11.
[Nyme oþre manne þinges onwytinde and wyþoute wylle of þe lhorde (without the knowledge or consent of the owner), Ayenb. 37, 5. Unwiting this preest of his false craft, Chauc. Ch. Y. T. 1320. O. L. Ger. só ik it uuitandi dádi, só unuuitandi: Icel. ú-vitandi not knowing, unconscious, not intending.]
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  • un-witende, adj.