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Wright's OE grammar
Add: One who is in conflict with another.
in a general sense,
an opponent, adversary
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  • p sum wer wunne on þǽre hengestan hatunge his gesacan

    (adversarii sui),

      Gr. D. 158, 26.
where a case is tried,
an accuser
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  • Him wæs leaf seald þæt he moste him scyldan on andweardnesse his gesacena (-ona, v. l.) (praesentibus accusatoribus) . . . wæs cýðed þæt hys wrégend and his gesacan

    (accusatores eius)

    lease wið hine syredon,
      Bd. 5, 19 ; Sch. 668, 1-2.
[Cf. ga-sachio in Salic law, Grm. R. A. 855.]
Full form


  • ge-saca,