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  • verb [ weak ]
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to rouse from sleep
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  • In scip slépende from frohtendum gewaehten wæs in nave dormiens a periclitantibus excitatus, Mt. p. 15, 18. I a. to rouse from the sleep of death, raise the dead :-- Foerende ðá deáda gewæcca dohter

    uadens mortuam suscitare filiam

      Mk. p. 3, 7.
  • Geweht ꝥ mǽden

    suscitans puellam,

      Mt. p. 16, 3.
to excite, stir up
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  • Ðá biscopas gewehtun (-wæhton, L.) ðone ðreót

    pontifices concitauerunt turbam,

      Mk. R. 15, 11.
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v.  weccan.
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  • ge-weccan, v.