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Wright's OE grammar
§446; §558;
Add: I where there is movement towards the back of an object,
of the direction of an action
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  • Hé hét Mathéum hindan mid sweorde þurstingan,

      Shrn. 131, 33. þ á
    Engliscan hí hindan hetelíce slógon, Chr. 1066; P. 199, 15.
with verbs of pursuit
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  • Hé ofi nþ þá sunnan hindan and cymþ wiþforan þá sunnan úp

    it comes up with the sun from behind and rises be ore the sun,

      Bt. 39, 13; F. 234, 2.
marking position, at the back, behind, Ph. 293
(in Dict.),
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v. on-hindan, wiþ-hindan.
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  • hindan,