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Wright's OE grammar
a wood, copse
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  • Hec sunt pascua porcorurn . . . ilia silua sandhyrst norninatur,

      C. D. ii. 65, 8.
an eminence, knoll
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  • Wermód on hyrstum heasewe standeð (cf. wermód byð cenned on dúnum and on stǽnilicum stówum, Lch. i. 216, 19)

    glauca absinthia campi,

      Rä. 41, 61.
  • ¶ The word occurs in a great many place-names. Where the first part of the compound is the name of a tree hyrst probably belongs to I. e. g. æsc-, hæsel-, hnut-, holen-, mapolder-, seal-, þorn-hyrst. So, too, perhaps in earnes, úlan hyrst. But in some others itt
[v. N. B. D. hurst.]
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  • hyrst,