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  • verb [ weak ]
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to lay over, above, or
upon something else
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  • Oferlecgan ꝥ lín þám weófode

    superponant linteum altari,

      Angl. xiii. 428, 899.
to cover the surface of a thing with something
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  • Oferlege mid wulle,

      Lch. ii. 200, 7.
  • Oferlecge mid línene cláðe,

      182, 4.
to affect as with a superincumbent weight, oppress
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  • Gif hí hió sylfe mid swíðlicre druncennysse oferlecgað,

      Hml. A. 147, 73.
  • Hit nis ná riht on Crístenum folce, þæt sume scylon mid oferǽte and mid oferdrence beón oferléde, and sume hungre cwylmede,

      142, 99.
  • [v. N. E. D. over-lay. Goth. ufar-lagian. ]
Full form


  • ofer-lecgan, v.