Historical Linguistics

This website has been an indespensible tool for my Old English research project.  The wealth of knowledge and ease of use has sped up many long nights in front of the word proccessor.  Many thanks to the creators and maintainers of this valuable resource!


Doing an assignemnt on whether anglo-saxon/old english is the same as modern english or whether they are two thoroughly different languages.  You have given me info that hopefully helps to prove my point.  They are the same......Just a younger less experienced version of its more modern, eloquent brother.



I am happy to hear that the

I am happy to hear that the site helped, thanks for using it and for letting us know!

However, eloquence is a tricky term for linguistic comparison. I think you could find Old English poetry, narratives or sermons that are highly eloquent in their own way. I think it's rather that English used to employ different strategies to be eloquent in the olden days... After all, would you argue that e.g. Modern German is less eloquent than Modern English? And how would one prove such a statementanyway?