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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Engle, Angle; pl. nom. acc; gen. a; dat. um; pl. m: Englan; gen. ena; pl. m.
Wright's OE grammar
The Angles; Angli The inhabitants of Anglen in Denmark. Anglen was the province from which the English derived their being and name. Anglen [v. Engel] lies on the south-east part of the Duchy of Sleswick, in Denmark. The majority of settlers in Britainwere from Anglen and the neighbourhood, hence this country and people derived their name England and English, England being derived from Engla land the land or country of the Angles
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  • On ðǽm landum eardodon Engle, ǽr hý hider on land cómon

    the Angles [Engles] dwelt on these lands before they came hither on land [i. e. before they came to England ],

    • Ors. 1,
    • 1;
    • Bos. 21,
    • 36.
  • Engla cyningas

    kings of the Angles,

    • Bd. 2,
    • 15;
    • S. 518,
    • 38.
  • Betweox Wealum and Englum

    between the Welsh and English,

    • L. O. D. 2
    • ;
    • Th. i. 352,
    • 14.
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  • Engle, n.