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  • verb [ weak ]
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hatian, hatigean; p. ode, ede; pp. od, ed
Wright's OE grammar
§57; §298; §536; §538;
To hate
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  • Ne mæg middaneard eów hatian ac hé hataþ mé

    non potest mundus odisse vos: me autem odit,

      Jn. Bos. 7, 7.
  • Ða ðe ðone rihtwísan hatiaþ ða ágyltaþ

    qui oderunt justum delinquent,

      Ps. Th. 33, 21.
  • Hie hatigaþ [hatigeaþ, Cot. MS.] hiera hiéramonna unþeáwas

    they hate the vices of their subjects,

      Past. 18; Swt.137, 4.
  • Dóþ ðǽm wel ðe eów ǽr hatedon

    do well to those that formerly hated you,

      33; Swt. 222, 17.
  • Hú ne hatige ic ða ealle, Dryhten, ða ðe ðé hatigaþ? Mid fulryhte hete ic hie hatode. Swa mon sceal Godes fiénd hatigean

    do I not hate all those, O Lord, who hate thee? With a perfect hatred I hated them. So shall God's enemies be hated,

      46; Swt. 353, 5-8.
  • Hé sceal rýperas and reáferas hatian and hýnan

    he must hate and humiliate robbers and plunderers,

      L. I. P. 2; Th. ii. 304, 19: Beo. Th. 4627; B. 2319.
[Goth. hatan, hatjan: O. Sax. hatan, hatón: O. Frs. hatia: Icel. hata: O. H. Ger. hazén, hazón: Ger. hassen.]
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  • hatian, v.